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Wikipedia “Movie”!

To add to the previous entry, I thought readers would like to see what the fuss is all about. Click on the link to watch how a current events entry in Wikipedia undergoes changes over a 24 hour period. The movie is five minutes in length. However, please allow me to make this introductory comment: I am posting this movie to demonstrate the nature of wikis. At their best, they can be representations of collective knowledge. The beauty of collective knowledge is its potential for arriving at a form of truth. Wikipedia, though, is coming under fire for being the encyclopedia of choice among many college students, as my colleague below has pointed out.  It is your turn to weigh in. I post this movie so our readers can form their own conclusions. I hope that rather than condemning the source as completely useless in the academic environment, our readers can envision ways to use Wikipedia that does not compromise the quality and integrity of scholarly research.

A specific note about this movie–the entry describes the July 2005 London bombings. You will see how often this entry is edited. Other Wikipedia entries that are less controversial or contain information that is generally accepted as accurate (ie., history of the American Revolution) may also have considerably less editing. Disputed information will be noted at the top of the entry. Finally, some of the editing may be offensive to some viewers.

Wiki Movie

(Large file, appx. 38MB; Right-click on the link and select “Open in New Window” or “Save Target As” and save to your hard drive.)
Movie courtesy of Michael Sauers, BCR
Karen Pardue

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Wikipedia Officials’ Stand on Citing Wikipedia

Today, I posted two items about Wikipedia that might be of interest. Today must be wiki Friday ;)

First, a report from Inside Higher Ed, quotes Wikipedia officials’ reaction to policies by university professors that ban the citing of Wikipedia in student bibliographies. Note that neither policy mentioned was designed to stop students from using Wikipedia as a starting point for research, but rather to keep them from stopping there! Read more @ the library.

As an alternative to Wikipedia, watch for an upcoming new site called Citizendium. This is a new, grant-funded project that, unlike Wikipedia, will be edited by a panel of academics. Read the whole post.

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New Books at the Library

Hi Everyone,

If you haven’t been by the library in the last month or so, stop in and take a look at some of our new books. We have been busy buying titles identified via our collection analysis project and many of them have arrived. There are display shelves near the stairs when you enter the first floor. We have new titles on everything from literature to nanotechnology.

Have a great week,

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Author Robert Mezey to Speak at the CSU-Pueblo Library

Robert Mezey of Pomona College (California) will be on campus on January 24th (Wednesday). Mezey will speak to students for about 40 minutes from 6-6:40 about translation and some of his experiences as a poet in the 1950s, 60s and 70s in California. The reading will follow at 7 pm.

Robert Mezey lives in Claremont, California, where he is a professor emeritus at Pomona College. Lamont-winning author of The Lovemaker (1960), Mezey has edited a number of books, including recent editions of Hardy and Robinson, and his poems have appeared in The New Yorker, as well as many other magazines and anthologies.

The event will be held in the Library’s First Year Student Center on the 2nd floor. It is free and open to all.

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